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Metabolism BoostMetabolism Boost
Metabolism Boost
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Adrenal Energy

Stops debilitating fatigue associated with thyroid disease, stabilized energy levels and raises exercising capacity

Thyroid Daily

Contains 19 Essential Nutrients to support and improve your Thyroid Health. Doctor formulated once daily to reduce daily capsule intake


Low dose melatonin clinically proven to decrease sleep onset, improve sleep duration and improve symptoms of jet lag

Omega Pure

Pure fish oil from Icelandic anchovies shown to reduce systemic inflammation. Provides recommended daily allowance of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids

Nodule Control

Doctor Formulated, clinically proven to slow the growth of nodule growth and reduce the size of existing nodules

Metabolism Boost

Safe, Efficient Ingredients to Increase basal metabolic rate with thyroid disease, lower appetite and breaks down stored liver fat

Easy Iron

Significantly Improve Iron levels with once daily dosing.  Added Vitamin C to increase iron absorption.

Hyperthyroid Support

Clinically proven to diminish the overwhelming side effects associated with Hyperthyroidism and Grave’s Disease

Calcium Magnesium

Essential Daily Thyroid Nutrients that Improves Bone Health, Hearth health and overall thyroid health.

Antibody Support

Engineered to reduce symptoms associated with elevated thyroid antibodies. Clinically proven to improve repair of existing thyroid cells